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I also accept commissions with the following guidelines (Subject to change without notice):

Payment is through Paypal: Please send me an e-mail with the work you want, describing in detail the characters and what you would like to see them do.
Pencil Drawings: $2 USD per figure
Pen and Ink: Add 3 USD per figure
Pen and Ink with Backgrounds: plus 3 USD
Colored Drawings: Color Pencil or Digital: add 3 USD
"Spicy" artwork: depending on the level of depravity
Please state your deadlines in the correspondence.

If you don’t have pay pal, other arrangements can be worked out.


Web comics I Like:

ACTION PORN: It's Action and it's PORN

Angel Ninja Versus Devil Ninja


Blue Crash Kit

Bonds of Blood

Buddies in Big Places

Chocolate Milkmaid

Crimson Dark: A really cool Webcomic

Dasien Superhero web comic

Dungeons and Denizens

Edge the Devil hunter: the Gospel of Whoop-Ass!!!

Flip Side

Freak U.

Ghastly's Ghastly Comics about tentacle monsters and the women who love them

Girl Genius by Phil Foglio

Heroes of C.R.A.S.H.

Mega Tokyo: Yeah Yeah Yeah So Call Me an Otaku.

Miss Dynamite


Peter Is the Wolf

Slaughter U.: Dark Zoey

        And Here is Red Right Hand’s: Bloody and Brutal Reviews Page!

The Many Moons of Astra (A Clean Pagan Web comic)

The Secret Order of the Golden Llama


Not a web-comic, but it’s related: THE WEBCOMIC LIST


                                Belfry Comics


Other Websites:

A Wave Blue World Comics

Alterna Comics: A great bunch of folks that are building up their own company!!!

Big Kev's Geek Stuff

Buzz: a real Cool guy I went to High-school with.

Captain Zorikh: The People’s entertainer!!!

Comic Book Artists Guild

Comicbook Novice Audio Podcast

Comic Experience: A class taught by Marvel Editor: Andy Schmidt!!!

Dafixer’s Hideout: A Local Podcast in My area and I JUST DID MY FIRST INTERVIEW WITH THEM!!!!!

Ed Traquino: Author of “Sleazy Does it” a great comic!! And a great artist!

Enter the Galaxy Comic and collectables Shop

Evolved Friends Productions

Foundry Music: the Online Home of BIG KEV from Opie and Anthony

Frankie B. Washington: A really great Guy..


Hell’s Blood

Hex Games: Home of the Quick Ass Game System

Invisible Universe: A documentary on the work of “Minorities” in the comic industry

Jesus Hates Zombies!!!  He really Does!!!

Jolie Voltaire: ACTION HERO!!!

Lakota Sioux: Another Awesome artist I met at the big apple con!

Legendary Artist, NEAL ADAMS

Mark Bode

MOCCA: The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art In NYC.

Monolith Comics

'Nuff Said: A radio program about Comics

R Talsorian Games, Home of Fuzion and Cyberpunk

Star Trek Beyond

The Big Apple Comic Convention

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund-Fight Comic book censorship!!!

The Comic Zone webradio podcast

The Gigcast: A Program about Webcomics

Vixens of Virtue, Vixens of Vice Check out these Live role player movies, they are really kick ass.


Websites about Morrigan and Other Information:

My Cyber temple to Morrigan on Yahoo

A source for some Mythology I use in the comic

More Information on Morrigan